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Album Work Title Composer Performer Label Rating
Novak NOVÁK, VÍTESLAV: Piano Concerto; Toman and the Wood Nymph
Hrusa; Jakub
: Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra
Supraphon 9 / 9
Mahler9 MAHLER, GUSTAV: Symphony No. 9
MAHLER; GUSTAV Fischer; Adam
: Düsseldorfer Symphoniker
Tonhalle Düsseldorf 5 / 8
SibeliusGard SIBELIUS, JEAN: Luonnotar; Tapiola; Pelleas and Melisande; Rakastava; Spring Song
SIBELIUS; JEAN Davidsen, Lise (soprano)
Gardner, Edward (Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra)
Chandos 8 / 9
OneMove BARBER, SAMUEL: Symphony No. 1
SIBELIUS, JEAN: Symphony No. 7
SCRIABIN, ALEXANDER: The Poem of Ecstasy (Symphony No. 4)
: Kansas City Symphony
Reference Recordings 7 / 10
luminousvoices TOGNI, PETER-ANTHONY: Totus tuus; Requiem et Lux; Sea Dreams; Earth Voices; Da pacem Domine; Of the Father's love begotten; Psaume 98; Responsio Introit; Silentio
TOGNI; PETER-ANTHONY Sara Hahn-Scinocco, Sarah MacDonald (flute); Jeff Reilly (bass clarinet)
Shantz; Timothy
: Luminous Voices
Leaf Music 8 / 9
ShostNelsons SHOSTAKOVICH, DMITRI: Symphonies No. 1, 14 and 15; Chamber Symphony in C minor, Op. 110a
SHOSTAKOVICH; DMITRI Kristine Opolais (soprano); Alexander Tsymbalyuk (bass)
Nelsons; Andris
: Boston Symphony Orchestra
Deutsche Grammophon 4 / 8
DvorakSoul Dvořák: Orchestral, Chamber and Vocal Works DVORÁK; ANTONIN Various Soloists
Various Conductors and Orchestras
Warner Classics Insiders Only
Muti Various Composers Various Composers Various Soloists
Various Orchestras, Riccardo Muti (cond.)
Warner Classics Insiders Only
homiliusmark HOMILIUS, GOTTFRIED AUGUST: St. Mark Passion (Markuspassion) HoWV I.10
HOMILIUS; GOTTFRIED AUGUST Monika Mauch (soprano); Ruth Sandhoff (alto); Hans Jörg Mammel (tenor/Evangelist); Thomas Laske (baritone/Jesus)
Basler Madrigalisten; L'arpa festante, Fritz Näf
Carus 10 / 10
BACH_Goldberg-Variations_Violons-du-Roy_Labadie_ATMA_ClassicsToday_jens-f-laurson_classical-critic BACH, J.S.: Goldberg Variations (Arrangement by Bernard Labadie)
BACH; J.S. Les Violons du Roy, Bernard Labadie
ATMA Classique 10 / 10
61zKEFxTIAL._SL1200 SCHUBERT, FRANZ: Piano Sonata in G major D. 894; Piano Sonata in C minor D. 958
SCHUBERT; FRANZ Adam Laloum (piano)
Harmonia Mundi 6 / 9
827949072468 BEETHOVEN, LUDWIG VAN: Piano Sonata No. 29 in B-flat major Op. 106 (“Hammerklavier”); Fifteen Variations and a Fugue on an Original Theme in E-flat major Op. 35 (“Eroica Variations")
BEETHOVEN; LUDWIG VAN Pierre-Laurent Aimard (piano)
PentaTone 8 / 8
QtItaliano Works by Debussy, Ravel, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms, Schumann, Boccherini, Cambini, Prokofiev, Malipiero, others BEETHOVEN; LUDWIG VANBOCCHERINI; LUIGIBRAHMS; JOHANNESHAYDN; JOSEPHMOZART; WOLFGANG AMADEUSSCHUBERT; FRANZSCHUMANN; ROBERT Quartetto Italiano
Warner Classics Insiders Only
Maisky Various Composers Various Composers Mischa Maisky (cello); various soloists
Various conductors and orchestras
Deutsche Grammophon Insiders Only
714c2SaOUUS._SL1488 TYRANNY, BLUE GENE: Various works
TYRANNY; BLUE GENE “Blue” Gene Tyranny (piano, keyboards); Various instrumentalists
Unseen Worlds 8 / 7
IvesDavis IVES, CHARLES: "Holidays" Symphony; Three Places in New England; Central Park in the Dark; The Unanswered Question
IVES; CHARLES Davis; Andrew
: Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
Chandos 9 / 9
CHARLES IVES - Decoration Day; The Fourth of July; Thanksgiving; The General Slocum; Overture in G minor; Yale-Princeton Football Game; Postlude in F
IVES; CHARLES Sinclair; James
: Malmö Symphony Orchestra
Naxos Insiders Only
CHARLES IVES - Variations on "America"; Decoration Day; Fugue in C; Variations on "Jerusalem the Golden"; The Alcotts; others (arr. for band)
IVES; CHARLES Col. Timothy W. Foley
: The President's Own United States Marine Band
Naxos 10 / 10
IvesHolidaysOrm IVES, CHARLES: Holidays Symphony; Three Places in New England
IVES; CHARLES Ormandy; Eugene
: Philadelphia Orchestra
RCA Insiders Only
81hHAsAIOUS._SS500 HAYDN, JOSEPH: Andante and Variations in F minor Hob. XVII; Sonata No. 33 in C minor Hob. XVI:20
MOZART, WOLFGANG AMADEUS: Fantasia in C minor K. 475; Piano Sonata in C minor K. 457
Stradivarius 7 / 8
Shaham BEETHOVEN, LUDWIG VAN: Violin Concerto
BRAHMS, JOHANNES: Violin Concerto
Jacobsen; Eric
: The Knights
Canary Classics 10 / 10
livermannewday DAMIEN SNEED: I Dream a World HENRY BURLEIGH: Five Songs of Laurence Hope LESLIE ADAMS: Amazing Grace MARGARET BONDS: Three Dream Portraits THOMAS KERR: Riding to Town SHAWN E. OKPEBHOLO: Two Black Churches ROBERT OWENS: Mortal Storm Op. 29 RICHARD FARIÑA (arr. Will Liverman): Birmingham Sunday ADAMS; LESLIEBONDS; MARGARETBURLEIGH; HARRY T.FARIÑA; RICHARDKERR; THOMASOKPEBHOLO; SHAWN E.OWENS; ROBERTSNEED; DAMIEN Will Liverman (baritone); Paul Sánchez (piano)
Cedille 9 / 10
61RtVdV4k7S._SL1200 BEETHOVEN, LUDWIG VAN: String Quartet No. 13 in B-flat major Op. 130; Grosse fuge Op. 133
Onyx 9 / 9
71qqbzzLPlS._SY355 Works by Bartók, Gershwin, Tatum, Bolcom, Ravel, Debussy, Ginastera, Falla, Scriabin, Stravinsky, others BARTÓK; BELADEBUSSY; CLAUDEFALLA; MANUEL DEGERSHWIN; GEORGEGINASTERA; ALBERTORAVEL; MAURICESTRAVINSKY; IGORTATUM; ART Lise de la Salle (piano)
Naïve 6 / 10
HaydnNorr HAYDN, JOSEPH: 12 "London" Symphonies
HAYDN; JOSEPH Norrington; Roger
: Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra (SWR)
SWR Music Insiders Only
argerichchopin CHOPIN, FRÉDÉRIC: Piano Sonata No. 3 in B minor Op. 58; Mazurkas Op. 59; Nocturne in F major Op. 15 No. 1; Scherzo No. 3 in C-sharp minor; Polonaise No. 6 in A-flat major Op. 53
CHOPIN; FRÉDÉRIC Martha Argerich (piano)
Warner Classics Insiders Only
61HZzeeJrFS._SL1200 PROKOFIEV, SERGEI: Sonata No. 4 Op. 29: Andante; Visions fugitives Op. 22 Nos. 5, 7, 9, & 10; Music for Children Op. 65: Nos. 10, 11, & 12; Etude Op. 52 No. 3; Suggestion Diabolique Op. 4 No. 4; Pieces for Piano Op. 3, 4, & 12; Gavotte from Hamlet Op. 77
PROKOFIEV; SERGEI Sergei Prokofiev (piano); Anatoly Vedernikov (piano)
Parnassus Insiders Only
61OOmTUmB9S._SL1200 SCARLATTI, DOMENICO: Sonatas K. 32, 39, 45, 84, 107, 118, 124, 125, 193, 239, 381, 394, 427, 454, 470, 492, & 547
SCARLATTI; DOMENICO Olivier Cavé (piano)
Alpha 9 / 9
Kubelik Works by: Mussorgsky, Bartók, Bloch, Dvořák, Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Smetana, Mozart, Hindemith, Schoenberg (Mercury Living Presence); Brahms, Dvořák, Smetana, Mahler, Janácek, Tchaikovsky, Nicolai, Weber, Berlioz (Decca) BLOCH; ERNESTBRAHMS; JOHANNESDVORÁK; ANTONINHINDEMITH; PAULJANÁCEK; LEOŠMOZART; WOLFGANG AMADEUSMUSSORGSKY; MODESTNICOLAI; OTTOSCHOENBERG; ARNOLDSMETANA; BEDRICHTCHAIKOVSKY; PIOTR ILYICHWEBER; CARL MARIA VON Various soloists
Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Vienna Philharmonic, Israel Philharmonic; Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra
DeccaMercury Living Presence Insiders Only
Zemlinsky ZEMLINSKY, ALEXANDER: Vocal, Orchestral, and Chamber Works (incl. Opera Excerpts)
Various Conductors, Orchestras and Ensembles
Capriccio Insiders Only
Brahms3Fisch BRAHMS, JOHANNES: Symphony No,. 3; Serenade No. 2
: Budapest Festival Orchestra
Channel Classics 6 / 10
81MFrDitJ2L._SS500 BEETHOVEN, LUDWIG VAN: Piano Trio No. 1 in E-flat major Op. 1 No. 1
PIRCHNER, WERNER: Klaviertrio “Heimat?”
MENDELSSOHN, FELIX: Piano Trio No. 1 in D minor Op. 49
BEETHOVEN; LUDWIG VANMENDELSSOHN; FELIXPIRCHNER; WERNER Franz-Markus Siegert (violin); Roland Lindenthal (cello); Hanna Bachmann (piano)
Schwarzenberg Trio
Quinton 8 / 9
61bD53ZToIS._SL1200 BACH, J.S.: Overture in the French Style BVW 831; Siciliano from Flute Sonata BWV 1031 (arranged by Wilhelm Kempff); Largo from Concerto in F minor BWV 1056
BEETHOVEN, LUDWIG VAN: Piano Sonata No. 13 in E-flat major Op. 27 No. 1; Piano Sonata No. 23 in F minor Op. 57 ("Appassionata")
BACH; J.S.BEETHOVEN; LUDWIG VAN Andrew von Oeyen (piano)
Warner Classics 7 / 8
Braunfels BRAUNFELS, WALTER: Don Gil Prelude, Divertimento for Radio Orchestra, Ariel's Song, Serenade in E-flat major
: ORF Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra
Capriccio 9 / 9
duostephanieandsaar BEETHOVEN, LUDWIG VAN: String Quartet in B-flat major Op. 130 (transcr. for piano 4-hands by Hugo Ulrich & Robert Wittman); Grosse Fuge Op. 134 (transcr. for piano 4-hands by Beethoven)
SCHUBERT, FRANZ: Fantasie in F minor D. 940
BEETHOVEN; LUDWIG VANSCHUBERT; FRANZ Stephanie Ho, Saar Ahuvia (piano)
DUO Stephanie & Saar
New Focus Recordings 9 / 9
61F0LkMpSL._SL1200 HENNESSY, SWAN: Selected Works for Piano
HENNESSY; SWAN Moritz Ernst (piano)
Perfect Noise 9 / 8
BartokDaus BARTÓK, BELA: The Miraculous Mandarin (complete); Suite No. 2; Hungarian Peasant Songs for Orchestra
BARTÓK; BELA Dausgaard; Thomas
: BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra
Onyx 9 / 9
617hLnlNrVL._SL1200 PROKOFIEV, SERGEI: The Nine Piano Sonatas
PROKOFIEV; SERGEI Dinara Klinton (piano)
Piano Classics 8 / 8
61yXo6eSGnL._SS500 CHOPIN, FRÉDÉRIC: Etudes Op. 10 & 25
CHOPIN; FRÉDÉRIC Véronique Bonnecaze (piano)
Paraty 8 / 9
Ekleiber Works by Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Rossini, Berlioz, Nicolai, Strauss, Jr, Smetana and Dvorřák BEETHOVEN; LUDWIG VANDVORÁK; ANTONINMOZART; WOLFGANG AMADEUSSCHUBERT; FRANZSMETANA; BEDRICH Kleiber; Erich
: Berlin Philharmonic,Staatskapelle Berlin
Deutsche Grammophon Insiders Only
5028421961859 RACHMANINOV, SERGEI: Piano Music (complete)
Brilliant Classics Insiders Only
BACH_Goldberg-Variations_ENSEMBLE_TACTUS_SKARBO_ClassicsToday_jens-f-laurson_classical-critic BACH, J.S.: Goldberg Variations (Transcription)
BACH; J.S. Ensemble Tactus
Skarbo 6 / 8
81YvKaCT5L._SL1500 ROBERT SCHUMANN: Carnaval Op. 9 JOHANNES BRAHMS: Klavierstücke Op. 119 ARNOLD SCHOENBERG: Three Piano Pieces Op. 11; Six Little Pieces Op. 19; Five Piano Pieces Op. 23 BRAHMS; JOHANNESSCHOENBERG; ARNOLDSCHUMANN; ROBERT Daniele Pollini (piano)
Deutsche Grammophon 7 / 9
Missa BEETHOVEN, LUDWIG VAN: Missa Solemnis
BEETHOVEN; LUDWIG VAN Polina Pastirchak (soprano); Sophie Harmsen (mezzo soprano); Steve Davislim (tenor); Johannes Weisser (bass)
Jacobs; René
: Freiburg Baroque Orchestra
Harmonia Mundi 4 / 9
636943620427 KUHLAU, FRIEDRICH: Divertissement in E-flat major; Three Piano Sonatinas Op. 20; Piano Sonata in E-flat major Op. 4
KUHLAU; FRIEDRICH Marie-Luise Bodendorff (piano)
Dacapo 9 / 9
AdamFill ADAM, ADOLPHE: La Filleule des fées (The Fairies' God-daughter)--complete ballet
ADAM; ADOLPHE Mogrelia; Andrew
: Queensland Symphony Orchestra
Naxos 8 / 8
Gardiner Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Handel, Monteverdi, Purcell, Britten, Haydn, Rachmaninoff, others BACH; J.S.BEETHOVEN; LUDWIG VANHANDEL; G.F.HAYDN; JOSEPHMONTEVERDI; CLAUDIOMOZART; WOLFGANG AMADEUSPURCELL; HENRY Various Soloists
Gardiner; John Eliot
: English Baroque Soloists,Monteverdi Choir,NDR Symphony Orchestra,Philharmonia Orchestra,Vienna Philharmonic
Deutsche Grammophon Insiders Only
StravChailly STRAVINSKY, IGOR: Various Works
STRAVINSKY; IGOR Various Soloists
Chailly; Riccardo
: Berlin Radio Symphony,Cleveland Orchestra,London Sinfonietta,Lucerne Festival Orchestra,Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra
Decca Insiders Only
71Njn7aFD9L._SL1200 MIHALOVICI, MARCEL: Sonatine Op. 11 (1922-23); Quatre Caprices Op. 28 (1928); Ricercari Op. 46 (1941); Quatre Pastorales Op. 62 (1950); Sonate Op. 90 (1964); Passacaille pour le main gauche Op. 105 (1975)
MIHALOVICI; MARCEL Matthew Rubenstein (piano)
Toccata Classics 7 / 9
61Znn8m6HJL._SL1200 Works by Schubert, Weber, Fauré, Haydn, Falla, Philipp, & others DEBUSSY; CLAUDEFALLA; MANUEL DEFAURÉ; GABRIELHAYDN; JOSEPHPHILIPP; ISIDORSCHUBERT; FRANZWEBER; CARL MARIA VON Emma Boynet (piano)
APR Insiders Only

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