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Here are a few tips when searching our database of reviews:
  1. Rule #1 less is more: As a rule, start with minimum search criteria; one or two usually work best.
  2. New auto complete feature for text search fields: Begin typing in the form for any of the available search criteria. After three letters, you will see a menu of possible items. You must select one of those items in order to perform a valid search. With one exception…
  3. Composer/Work Title Search: There is one exception to the above rule. If you have selected a composer from the menu you will notice a new work title field will appear automatically. If you are looking for a group of similar works (symphony, concerto, sonata, trio, quartet, etc) you may type these words, or any part of them, in the “work title” field. This will return search results based on that text within your selected composer.
  4. Refining your search results: You can refine search results by any of the additional search fields or criteria available in the search form. For example if you search for a particular composer that you select from the drop down when you get your first set of results you will notice that the composer’s name still remains selected in the composer field. Now you can add any additional factors to that search to refine the results you are looking at in any combination you like. And you can continue this process as much as you like.
  5. To start a completely new search: Make sure you click on the clear search button first. Do not delete what you’ve typed before, hit clear search to start over.

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