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The Plain Truth About Urtext, Part 3

What is Urtext? Questions to Michael Stegemann The term “Urtext”, what does it mean to you? Stegemann: An “Urtext” edition represents absolute reliability – particularly for musicians who play from one of these editions, but also for scholars and research. As well as this, anyone who wants to track the philological genesis of such an […]

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The Plain Truth About Urtext, Part 2

What is Urtext? Questions to Hendrik Schulze The term “Urtext”, what does it mean to you? Schulze: For me, Urtext means very carefully created editions based on the latest scholarly discoveries, editions which can serve as the perfect basis for marvellous performances of works. It is the link between scholarship and practice which is always […]

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The Plain Truth About Urtext, Part 1

What is Urtext? Questions to Jonathan Del Mar  Why do we need an urtext edition? Del Mar: Well, you do want to play the notes the composer wrote, don’t you, and not some random wrong notes that just slipped in by mistake ? So is that all an Urtext Edition is, simply “the notes the […]

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I have to confess that we weren’t planning on doing a “best of the year” feature. Let’s face it: there are many superb recordings issued every year and no one can listen to enough of them to claim that their sample is truly “the best”; but then again, there’s no harm in picking a “Top […]

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Six Christmas CDs That Always Make The List, Pt. 1

Over the past 20-plus years I have accumulated hundreds of Christmas CDs–featuring choirs, orchestras, brass ensembles, guitar, harp, string quartet, piano, organ, etc., etc.–and I appreciate most of them for various reasons; but no matter how many newcomers join the collection, there are a few “oldies” that have more than stood the test of time. […]

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Report: International Conference On 19th Century Music Criticism

Lucca, Italy, November 10-12, 2015: Lucca is the home of both Boccherini and Puccini, and so it seems the perfect location for a conference on the subject of 19th-century music criticism. Some 50 scholars from all over the world have gathered for three days of presentations and conversation. The event is organized by the Centro […]

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The Spirit of Liszt Revived

Budapest, Hungary; October 22, 2013—In a speech given at the gala opening concert of the newly renovated Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán suggested that the reason Hungary has been the source of so many great composers and musicians stems from the fact that small countries with difficult languages express […]

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100 CDs for Building Your Library

Here are 100 discs and albums, offered as suggestions for beginners, the selections of which are obviously subjective but which can serve as the basis of your CD library. We have paid special attention in this list to the relationship between quality and price. In other words, we have included as many discs as possible […]

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