Library Essentials: Five Discs From Christmases Past

Before we focus attention on some of the newer Christmas releases–beginning later this week–we thought it would be useful to look back at a stocking-full of highly recommended earlier recordings that you may have missed, recordings particularly notable for their unique approaches to a body of repertoire at once familiar but either respectfully, often surprisingly re-imagined, or just cast in fresh harmonic settings. These recordings invite a renewed appreciation for this traditional and for many, very meaningful music. You can re-visit these recordings by clicking on the links to the reviews provided below:

There Is No Rose–Christmas in the 21st Century (review)

Let The Angels Sing–European Christmas Carols & Songs In New Arrangements for Recorder & Choir (review)

A German Christmas–17th Century Music for the Time of Advent & Christmas (review)

Christmas A Cappella–Songs From Around The World (review)

The “Fryd” of Christmas (review).