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Imagine the pliable lyricism and harmonic ingenuity of Chick Corea in his prime acoustic piano years mixed with the uplifting spirit of Dave Brubeck’s famous experiments with irregular and odd meters, and you’ve got an idea of David Evan Jones’ composing and jazz playing. Most of his melodies are either derived from or inspired by Balkan folk music, yet what really grabs your attention are the unpredictable phrase shapes, the chatty yet never cluttered counterpoint, plus his wonderful use of space and deployment of registers. I especially love the clarinet and piano duet Daichavo za Malko, where both instruments interweave their parts in rhapsodic fashion without ever rambling. I also like how the written-out ensemble passages in Electric Paidsuhko, Mika Kopanitza, and Utility Paidushko integrate Peter Maund’s deft doumbec mastery and George Marsh’s debonair drum kit work. And Paul Hanson easily is one of the most imaginative jazz bassoonists around, with all due respect to Karen Borca and Michael Rabinowitz (jazz bassoonists are a rare breed!). The performers fully respond to the music’s immediacy and sophistication, and they’re gorgeously served by the engineering. Why isn’t David Evan Jones better known? Don’t miss this release.

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Reference Recording: This one

DAVID EVAN JONES - Electric Paidsuhko; Sestra Ruchinitza; Daichavo za Malko; Mika Kopanitza; Inbal’s Wedding Waltz; Utility Paidushko; Longing Lez Noto

    Soloists: David Evan Jones (piano)
    Audrey Andrist (piano)
    Patricia Shands (clarinet)
    Peter Maund (doumbec, tambourine, frame-drum)

  • Orchestra: Neo-Balkan Ensemble
  • Record Label: Centaur - 265510
  • Medium: CD

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