Tafelmusik’s Vibrant Vivaldi

Review by: David Vernier

concertos for strings

Artistic Quality: 10

Sound Quality: 10

The return of these Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra releases, refugees from Sony Classical’s former “Vivarte” imprint, are very welcome reminders of the high level of musicianship and technical mastery period-instrument performers had achieved by around 1990. This was a group that celebrated the sound of its instruments and whose soloists played with relish and a virtuoso flair that never gave a hint that a Baroque cello or violin was any less worthy than their modern counterparts. Just listen to Anner Bylsma’s dynamic and commanding solos, and take note of the wonderful interplay between Bylsma and violinist Jeanne Lamon in the Allegro molto third movement of the B-flat major concerto. As for style, the allegros are as crisp and lively as can be, the violins pleasingly bright, the inner parts rich and vibrant. And notice the affecting use of vibrato in the Largo of the G major concerto for 2 violins and 2 cellos: it’s some of the loveliest Vivaldi playing you’ll ever hear. And the sound quality is equal to that of the performances. Highly recommended.

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Recording Details:

    Concertos for Violoncello in A minor RV 418 & G major RV 413; Concertos for Strings in C major RV 117, in F minor RV 143, in E minor RV 134, & A major RV 159; Concerto for Violin & Violoncello in B-flat major RV 547; Concerto for 2 Violins & 2 Violoncellos in G major RV 575; Concerto for 4 Violins in D major RV 549

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