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J.S. Bach: Goldberg Variations/Loussier Trio


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This jazz interpretation of Bach’s famous aria and 30 variations can’t be considered a competing version with performances of the original keyboard work, but as a rendition true to the spirit if not the letter of the original, it is highly enjoyable. The trio, consisting of piano, drums, and bass, colors each variation in a much more distinctive way than would be possible given a straight performance on harpsichord. Some straight-laced listeners might balk, but others will find that the careful and unique interpretation of each individual variation might shed new light on the original. The overall approach is introspective: these are miniature gems, intimate and personal, without being flashy or trashy. The trio, pianist Jacques Loussier in particular, plays as if it really enjoys the music and has a deep feeling for it, carefully polishing and embellishing each variation, respecting the original yet avoiding the kind of reverence that would strip the jazz music-making of its vitality and liveliness. The full-bodied, warm, intimate recorded sound is excellent, and Scott Sandel’s cover painting is a perfect touch. [6/25/2000]

Recording Details:

Reference Recording: none

J.S. BACH - Goldberg Variations

  • Record Label: Telarc - 83479
  • Medium: CD

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