Blomstedt Nielsen 1-3; Alladin Suite

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Artistic Quality: 10

Sound Quality: 10

This is the first of two Double Decca reissues containing Herbert Blomstedt’s justly praised second cycle of the complete Nielsen Symphonies. Disc one of this convenient gatefolding “twofer” contains Symphonies Nos. 1 and 2, while Symphony No. 3, the Maskarade Overture, and the highly infectious Alladin Suite (complete with optional wordless chorus) occupy the second disc. Blomstedt directs all three symphonies with just the sort of unfussy naturalness and rhythmic thrust that Nielsen’s music demands. They are, one and all, outstanding performances. The Alladin Suite originally was coupled to Blomstedt’s equally celebrated account of Grieg’s Peer Gynt Suites. Like Grieg, Nielsen distilled his symphonic suite from a larger body of incidental music. Alladin’s colorful melodies and evocative harmonies really do capture the mythical world of the Arabian Nights, and the work deserves to be much better known. Add to this mix the superb playing of the San Francisco Symphony, along with top drawer sonics from Decca, and the result is a Nielsen cycle that earns the highest possible recommendation.

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CARL NIELSEN - Symphonies Nos. 1-3; Maskarade Overture; Alladin Suite

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