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Big Boxes: The Beaux Arts Trio’s Complete Philips Recordings

The Beaux Arts Trio disbanded in 2008 after 53 years of existence, leaving behind a considerable discography for the Philips label...

Rossini’s Swan Song in Glorious Voice from Florez

It is very hard lately to get worked up about 14th century Swiss oppression by the Austrians. I recently realized that it wasn’t...

CD From Hell: The Grossly Overrated Walter/Ferrier Das Lied

This recording has inspired more flowery prose and less serious musical observation among music critics and listeners than most "l...

Chant Redux

Hey, buddy! Wanna sell a million records? Join a monastery--or better yet, start your own, get your fellow monks together, and mak...

CD from Hell: Elizabeth Roe’s Barber and Britten Is No Joy

Elizabeth Joy Roe, one half of the talented piano duo Anderson and Roe, does herself no service with this bland, boring coupling o...

A Slightly Less Deluxe Solti Ring

Robert Levine already reviewed the super-duper uber-deluxe

Filling in the Gaps: Where the Blomstedt SF Eulenspiegel Went

We may understand the rationale, but it's a pity nonetheless. When Decca put together it's generally excellent Strauss box, it inc...

Reference Recording: Solti’s Ring–Deluxe Style

In time for Georg Solti’s centenary and Wagner’s bi-centenary, in what can only be referred to as a remarkable “feat” of p...

Big Boxes: Decca’s Fascinating, Bountiful, and Unpredictable Mono Years

Decca’s big box “Mono Years” retrospective focuses on orchestral and instrumental recordings made between 1944 and 1956, man...

Hasse’s Siroe: A Bel Canto/Baroque Fiesta

Hasse was a major 18th century composer, up there with Handel. He was married to the even more famous soprano, Faustina Bordoni; t...